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LINY XIN Women Sweater Winter 2022 Turtleneck 100% Merino Wool Cashmere Sweater Women Clothing Pullover Fall Female Pull Femme


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Product Information

*100% Extrafine Merino Wool From Australia.

*Merino wool is 100% natural product, which is obtained from merino sheep. The functionality of merino as a fibre has

made it one of the most sought for materials in cold and moist circumstances. Even a thin layer of merino wool warms

more effectively than any man-made fibre.

*Made of 26Nm/2 pure Merino wool fine yarn, this 100% merino wool sweater has a wool fineness of 17.9-micron, with

beautifully soft and fluffy texture, 2-Ply densely-knitted yarn of Long Staple finest fibers to deliver Best Anti-Pilling


*Fine 12 gauge fabric, Medium thickness. Normal fit, Long sleeve turtleneck design, casual style.

*Model is 5’9″ (176cm) ,Bust 83–Waist 60–Hips90cm and is wearing a size Small.

*Hand wash* with gentle detergent, wool, or baby shampoo. Not machine washable. Do not tumble dry.

How to distinguish the authenticity of merino wool?

***Pure merino wool have fine surface, long wool fibers,with temperature and soft hand feeling.

Products should have regular fiber composition, standard export models, and washing labels.

***Fake merino or merinowool blend surface is soft, the chemical fiber is short, It feels cold and not soft. easy to pill.

Label is empty or the 100% Merino label is affixed, but the product is fake.

***Pure Merino wool burns with the smell of fever, short flame and small, white smoke.

When merino wool burns, the ashes are granular and becone powder.

***Fake merino or merinowool blend burns when the flame is long and burning fast, there is a strong black smoke.

When burns and the ashes become plastic blocks and have a strong chemecal flavor.

Product Detail


Green, Black, Dark Camel, Pink, Grey, Blue, Khaki, Maroon, Camel, Caramel Colour, Royal Blue, Light Grey, Light Purple, Mustard Yellow, Creamy-White, Brown, Turmeric


S, M, L, XL, XXL


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Ladies size:

Criterion Internationality Europe USA France Italy Korea China Bust Waistline Shoulder Height
(FRA) (IT) (size/bust) (cm) (cm) (cm) (cm)
Size list XXXS 30~32 0 34 38 22/75 145/73A 74~76 58~60 34 147~150
XXS 32~34 0 36 40 33/80 150/76A 76~78 60~62 35 150~153
XS 34 2 38 42 44/85 155/80A 78~81 62~66 36 153~157
S 34~36 4~6 40 44 55/90 160/84A 82~85 67~70 38 158~162
M 38~40 8~10 42 46 66/95 165/88A 86~89 71~74 40 163~167
L 42 12~14 44 48 77/100 170/92A 90~93 75~79 42 168~172
XL 44 16~18 46 50 88/105 175/96A 94~97 80~84 44 173~177
XXL 46 20~22 48 52 99/110 180/100A 98~102 85~89 46 177~180